Multiple Teams · Coach Adam Martell Impacts the Varsity’s Success

Last year all three high school basketball teams won at least 20 games. The Varsity won 20 games, the JV won 22, and the C-Team won 25.  The most wins of that group was the C-Team, a team that since Coach Adam Martell took over 5 years ago has not had a season with less than 20 wins. It should be no surprise that the Varsity had a successful season last year because last year’s senior class led by John Horner was Adam Martell’s first team and first C-Team. Adam is entering his 6th year coaching at New Life and his 5th year coaching the C-Team.

The secret to Coach Martell’s success is not hard to find once you ask his current and former players. Kids love to play for him. I played for Coach Martell a little bit my 7th grade year on the 8th grade team he coached, and played for him full time his first year as C-Team as an 8th grader and it is true, Coach Martell is fun to play for and gets his players to engage and have fun as well.

It’s not just that however that makes Adam special. He also knows a lot about the game and cares about the kids he is coaching. He is excited to be a C-Team coach! Coach Martell and his staff of assistants and will sometimes even wear suits for games. SUITS! It shows that Coach Martell cares about his players and puts them in best position to succeed.

I believe that last year’s success for the Varsity team can be given to how Coach Martell coached them in their early years in high school. Coach Martell does a good job developing young players and prepares them for the Varsity level and then hands them off to Coach Linton the next year. So far the process has worked pretty well as Martell’s first C-Team was last year’s senior class which led the Varsity team to 20 wins and their first conference championship in ten years. Coach Linton has built a program on the varsity level and Coach Martell is doing that on the C-Team level.

This year should be no different for all levels in our basketball program. The Varsity returns starters from last year and should compete for the conference championship and section title this year as well. The C-Team last year only lost one game and now that they are sophomores they should see some success at the JV or Varsity level. Lastly Coach Martell and the C-Team may have their best team yet with giants inside and shooting on the outside. I expect to see another great season for the C-Team, but more importantly I expect to see Coach Martell and his staff improve the freshman this year so they can be ready to succeed at the next level as has been his pattern.

NOTE: Coach Martell’s record in C-Team games he has coached is 83-13.